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Icons by Adaneko

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Sentient Icons: Heine Rammsteiner []
[ mood | restless ]

Hey everyone, it's been a while! I opened a 25-icon challenge community called sentient_icons back in May with my sister. The challenge themes are various emotions, hence the community name. There are no deadlines for when you have to complete your set. It's a really laid back community, and you can choose any subjects you'd like to icon. If you're interested, please check out sentient_icons!

With that said, I present my first icon challenge post.

Sentient Icons: Heine Rammsteiner of DOGSCollapse )
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Brush Stroke Image Pack []
[ mood | quixotic ]

So I had some leftover paint from my project and decided to make some brushes for you. Unfortunately I am too lazy to make them brushes for you to download, so instead I offer you huuuuuuge scans as image packs.

Image hosting by Photobucket
- Click to download -

Comment if you download. No need to credit. It's currently uploaded on YSI, but if anyone is interested in getting this after it runs out of bandwidth, leave a comment with your email addy and I will send it to you or something. Wheeeeeee.

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New Year - 82 Icons []
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello again everyone! How's the new year going? Last week I wet on craze of making icons, so about 40 of these are completely new. Lots of mixed subjects again this time. Hopefully you will find something you like. Enjoy!

Air Gear [×4]
BLEACH [×23]
Chobits [×1]
Dogs [×3]
Escaflowne [×1]
FF7: Advent Children [×3]
Fruits Basket [×1]
Naruto [×2]
Prince of Tennis [×4]
X/1999 [×8]

Chrono Cross [×2]
Kingdom Hearts II [×1]
Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata [×1]
Radiata Stories [×2]
Soul Calibur III [×3]
Valkyrie Profile [×2]

Alice Nine [×9]
BoA [×1]
Gazette [×4]
Utada Hikaru [×7]
Total Count [×82]

Candy for your eyes.Collapse )

A bit of promo for my new comm. Take a look!

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Mood Themes List []
[ mood | accomplished ]

This post is a list of all the mood themes I have made. Rather than make a new post every time I make a mood theme, I will just update this post as time goes on. Custom mood themes can only be used with paid LiveJournal accounts. The instructions for setting up a custom mood theme can be found here.

1) No hot-linking. All images and instructions for setup are located inside the .zip file.
2) Please comment if you take one.
3) Please credit in your userinfo if you use it. "Mood theme by adaneko or neko_works is good enough.

Last updated: June 26, 2005

Mood themes are great!Collapse )

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Sixty-three Icons []
[ mood | rushed ]

Hey everyone! It's been a while since the last update. I'm managed to scrape together some 63 icons for you. I'd planned on stuffing more icons into this, but I figured that you all have been patient with me long enough and deserve an icon post. So, after weeks of entering in many icontests, I bring you this!

Air Gear [×1]
Bleach [×16]
D.Gray-man [×3]
Eyeshield 21 [×11]
Fantastic Children [×2]
FF7: Advent Children [×1]
Fruits Basket [×4]
Fullmetal Alchemist [×2]
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE [×1]
X/1999 [×3]

Disgaea [×1]
Xenosaga [×1]

Alice Nine [×4]
BoA [×1]
Gackt [×1]
Gazette [×3]
L'Arc~en~Ciel [×6]
Miyavi [×1]

Miscellaneous [×1]
Total Count [×63]

It's about time. Give me icons!Collapse )

Is there something you'd like to suggest me to make? Head over to this post and let me know.

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New Layout []
[ mood | accomplished ]

Haha, no, I haven't forgotten about this place. Unfortunately I bear no icons today, but neko_works has a brand new layout featuring Peacemaker Kurogane. How exciting! Just beware of the massive header image. I couldn't bear to size it down any, but I don't think it should cause too much trouble loading. One thing I thought was kind of nifty that I'll point out is if you hover over "read" in the comment links a tooltip will pop up and tell you the number of comments on that post.

I'll try to make some more icons and a couple of new mood sets. I won't promise you when, but they should be up by sometime next month at the latest. Cheers!

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Suggestions Post []
[ mood | curious ]

Hello! How is everyone doing? Since my last post here I've been trying to get myself back into making icons. I've had a few ideas, but those have mostly been with my lastest obsessions (Fantastic Children and Eyeshield 21 along with a dash of J-rock). Here's where you come in.

I'd like to get some comments about what kind of icons you would like to see in my next post. But let me make this clear, this is NOT a request post by any means! If you request an icon I will not make it. This post is simply where I can hopefully get some ideas of what people would like to see so I can get out my iconless-rut and back into gear. Anime, manga series, videogames, specific characters, celebrities... whatever it is you'd like to see more of, leave a comment and let me know! I just might take up your suggestion.

Even if someone has already mentioned what you wanted to say, tell me anyway. It'll give me a better idea of what's more popular. I want to know what you guys like, so leave some comments. Thanks!

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28 Icons []
[ mood | refreshed ]

I'm still alive, yes. This time I only have a few icons for everyone because I've been more obsessed with music than making icons. Some of these are kind of old (for me, that is) since it's been so long since my last update. I'll try to make more next time, though. o_<

BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad [×1]
Bleach [×2]
Final Fantasy VII [x1]
FF7: Advent Children [×3]
Fullmetal Alchemist [×3]
Gintama [x2]
Naruto [x3]
X/1999 [×2]

Gazette - Uruha [×1]
Plastic Tree - Ryutaro [x3]
Psycho le Cému [×5]
TAKUI [×1]
TETSU69 [×1]
Total Count [×28]

28 icons for your viewing pleasure!Collapse )
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Late Happy New Year - 58 Icons []
[ mood | satisfied ]

Wooo, it has been a while, hasn't it? I managed to collect more icons than last time! Here's a contents listing for everyone:

Bleach [×11]
Death Note [×2]
Disgaea [×3]
FF7: Advent Children: [×2]
Fullmetal Alchemist [×26]
Naruto [×2]
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLES [×1]
Wolf's Rain [×3]
X/1999 [×6]
Miscellaneous [×2]
Total Count [×58]

58 icons—proceed with caution!Collapse )

Have a wonderful year!

EDIT: I remade my table because apparently my putting the numbers in seperate cells above the icons was way too confusing to people. There shouldn't be any confusion about my numbering anymore. Bye-bye, pretty dark grey cells. ;_x

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Award Banners []
[ mood | pleased ]

Last updated: August 27, 2005
Award count: 90
     - 1st: 27
     - 2nd: 29
     - 3rd: 20
     - Other: 14

I love shiny objects.Collapse )
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Long Time No Update - 43 Icons []
[ mood | content ]

Hey everyone, it's been a while since my last post! I have 43 icons for you today. You'd think I'd have more because of how long I've been gone, but you'll just have to live with this. >D Some of these are kind of old (for me, anyway) since it's been a month or two. A majority of these have been entered in past contests.

The specific contents post is under the cut because I've made icons from 19 different places. It kind of made the post really vertically long, so yeah, I figured I would try not to destroy anyone's friends page. The generic breakdown goes like this:

Anime/Manga [×31]
Videogame [×7]
Japanese music artists [×3]
Miscellaneous [×2]

43 icons under the cut.Collapse )

Enjoy! I hope you like these!

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24 Icons []
[ mood | productive ]

Sorry for the lack up updates. I usually like to upload icons in huge batches, but today there are only 24. I've uploaded a new layout and I've begun running an icontest community, so that's my excuse for lacking icons.

{ contents }
Chobits [×1]
Final Fantasy VIII [×4]
Final Fantasy IX [×1]
FF7: Advent Children [×1]
Fullmetal Alchemist [×2]
Naruto [×3]
Prince of Tennis [×5]
Witch Hunter Robin [×3]
X/1999 [×1]
Xenosaga [×3]
Total Count [×24]

Icooooooonnnnsssss.Collapse )

[1] Credit neko_works or adaneko in keywords.
[2] Please comment and specify which icons you're taking.

I'll try to make more icons soon. I hope you like this batch~

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83 icons - Part Two (54-83) []

This is the second post for today's icons. I split my 83 icons up so that it's easier to load and scroll through.

{ contents }
.hack//SIGN [×3]
Di Gi Charat [×6]
Final Fantasy VIII [×3]
Final Fantasy IX [×8]
Kingdom Hearts [×2]
Nekopan [×1]
Samurai Champloo [×1]
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven [×4]
Weiss Kreuz [×2]
Total Count [×30]

Part Two - And here they comeCollapse )

[1] Credit neko_works or adaneko in keywords.
[2] Please comment and specify which icons you're taking.

Naruto and Prince of Tennis icons in this batch are over here. Take a look!

Have fun with these! <3

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83 icons - Part One (1-53) []

Hey guys, today's icon batch is pretty big. It contains a total of 83 icons, so I've split it into two posts so that it's easier to load and scroll through. Some of the icons are made for black backgrounds so I've displayed them accordingly. One of the TeniPuri icons has two versions, one for light BGs and one for dark BGs.

{ contents }
Naruto [×23]
Prince of Tennis [×30]
Total Count [×53]

Part One - Naruto and Tenipuri icons here!Collapse )

[1] Credit neko_works or adaneko in keywords.
[2] Please comment and specify which icons you're taking.

The rest of the icons in this batch are over here. Take a look!

Have fun with these! <3

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Big update. []
[ mood | great ]

And just as I promised, here is a big update! There are icons from various series in this batch. Sorry if it takes a bit to load!

{ contents }
- Angelic Layer [×4]
- Chobits [×5]
- Evangelion [×2]
- Final Fantasy IX [×2]
- Final Fantasy X [×2]
- Kingdom Hearts [×4]
- Naruto [×17]
- Prince of Tennis [×10]
- Samurai Champloo [×14]
- X/1999 [×3]
- Total Count is [×63]

Icon no Jutsu - times 63!Collapse )

[1] Credit neko_works or adaneko in keywords.
[2] Please comment and specify which icons you're taking.

Much love!
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Today is Itachi's birthday. <3 []
[ mood | okay ]

Oiya! It's been about a month since my last update. Lately I've been caught up in some gaming and haven't made as many icons as I had wanted to, so this is a pretty small update.

{ contents }
- Naruto [×10]
- Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven [×6]
- Hyde [×1]
- Gackt [×3]
- Total Count is [×20]

Enough talk!Collapse )

[1] Credit neko_works or adaneko in keywords.
[2] Please comment and specify which icons you're taking.

Look forward to more updates!
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Set Two []

{ contents }
- Naruto [×14]
- Final Fantasy VIII [×2]
- Angel Sanctuary [×1]
- Total Count is [×17]

Go go go!Collapse )

[1] Credit neko_works or adaneko in keywords.
[2] Please comment and specify which icons you're taking.

Have fun! <3
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Grand Opening of Neko Works Icons []
[ mood | Mission Accomplished! ]

Welcome to the opening of neko_works!

I am adaneko, and I decided to open an icon journal since making icons has become one of my favorite hobbies. As a first post, I'm going to put all of the icons the I've made before May 11th here so people can access them directly from this journal.

{ rules for usage }
[1] Please credit either neko_works or adaneko in your keywords. This way people know where you got the icon, and they can come take a look themselves.
[2] Please comment when you take an icon. I like to know when people like my icons. ^_^
[3] Please specify which icon(s) you're taking.
[4] Don't take an icon and claim it as your own. Stealing someone else's work is just plain rude.

{ contents }
- Naruto [×27]
- Final Fantasy VII [×2]
- Final Fantasy VIII [×2]
- Final Fantasy IX [×1]
- Final Fantasy X [×1]
- Total Count is [×33]

Show me the icons!Collapse )

Please enjoy! :3
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